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What does the portfolio value change mean?

The portfolio value change is a simple description of how the value of your investments on Coinmotion has evolved. The My Wallet page provides an overview of the change in value for your entire portfolio. For an individual cryptocurrency, you can see the value change by opening the view for that specific cryptocurrency.

The overall portfolio value change is calculated by comparing the acquisition cost of each cryptocurrency on Coinmotion to the current market price on the platform. The value change for an individual cryptocurrency shows the current change relative to the acquisition cost: (current price – acquisition cost) / acquisition cost. In the portfolio, the change is displayed with the weight of each currency in the customer's portfolio taken into account.

The acquisition cost considers purchases, sales, and cryptocurrency transfers according to the FIFO principle. FIFO (First In, First Out) is a principle stating that cryptocurrencies bought at different times are sold in the order they were purchased, i.e., the oldest first.

For transfers, the acquisition cost is determined at the moment of the transfer at the market price, reflecting the price at the time the cryptocurrency is transferred to the Coinmotion wallet.

The calculator's purpose is to be informative and indicative. The functionality of the calculator may differ in some aspects from prevailing tax practices and should not be used for a precise assessment of the tax situation.