Using the card

Note! The Coinmotion card is leaving our product range. New cards cannot be ordered. Current cardholders will be notified in more detail about the closure of the card via email.

Activating the card

After placing a successful order, you’ll receive the card by mail within 5-7 business days. You know you’ve placed a successful order when the platform asks you to activate the card. You’ll also receive an email confirmation of a successful order. After receiving the card, log onto your account and activate the card with the last 4 digits of the card’s number.  

Contactless payment

Coinmotion card supports contactless payment. In order to activate this feature, you must make one successful Point of Sale transaction using your PIN.

How do I manage my card?

You can check your balance and transactions, set automatic top-ups, block your card, and all the other card related actions by logging into your Coinmotion account and navigating to Services – Card. 

Where can I find my PIN?

Once you have activated your card in your Coinmotion account, the PIN code becomes visible in the card settings. You can always check your PIN from card settings in case you forget it. If your PIN code becomes locked, you can unlock it by going to an ATM and entering the correct PIN code.

 PIN Best Practices:

  • Never share your PIN with anyone
  • Do not write the PIN down on your card or keep it on a piece of paper with your card.

Can I use my card to withdraw cash at an ATM?

You can withdraw up to 500 euros per day from any ATM displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

Can I link my card to Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets?

At the moment Apple Pay and Google Pay are not supported. However, you may link your card to any card payment applications. 

Are there any restrictions on where or how I can use my card?

Your card cannot be used at self-service petrol pumps. You can use your card to pay for petrol by taking it to the cashier.

Limits to the card usage can be found from this article.

For high risk of fraudulent usage, the magnetic stripe on your card is fully deactivated. However, you can use the contactless payment method available on the card.

Is there a charge for this card?

There is a 2.50€ card order fee. For the first 2000 ordered cards, Coinmotion won’t charge the order fee. Other fees applicable to the card are visible in this article, as well as on our service fees page. 

Can I use my card abroad?

Yes, you can use your card at any ATM or POS (Point Of Sale) that accepts Mastercard.

How long is my card valid for?

The card is valid until the expiry date showing on the front of your card.