Money transfers to the card

Note! The Coinmotion card is leaving our product range. New cards cannot be ordered. Current cardholders will be notified in more detail about the closure of the card via email.

How is money loaded onto my card?

Coinmotion prepaid card is only using EUR funds available on the card account. You can load your card account from your Coinmotion euro account. Top-up card balance manually or set up an automatic top-up with customized thresholds. Please note that euros on the card account can only be used with the card. You cannot withdraw euros from the card account back to your Coinmotion euro account. 

What is automatic top-up?

Automatic top-up allows you to set certain thresholds for adding euros to your card account. It’s recommended to use the top-up feature so that you’ll always have a sufficient amount of euros on your card. So, when your card balance goes under the threshold amount, this feature automatically tops up the selected amount of euros to the card.

The top-up will primarily use your Coinmotion euro account. In case there’s no euros, the top-up can be set so that cryptocurrencies will be sold automatically to euros, and the euros will be added to your card. 

When you choose to activate the crypto top-up, you’ll see a list of cryptos that are used in the automatic crypto top up. The order in which the cryptos are, determines which crypto is used first for the auto top up. This list can be rearranged.

How do I transfer euros back to my Coinmotion account from the card?

To transfer euros back to your Coinmotion account from your card, log in to the Coinmotion web version. Go to the Services - Card page and select Withdraw funds from the card. Withdrawing funds incurs a 3% fee, and the fee is deducted directly from the transferred amount.

Can I go overdrawn?

Your card is a prepaid card, which means you can only spend the funds available on the card. If there are not enough funds on the card for the purchase you are attempting, the transaction will be declined. If for any reason a transaction is processed that exceeds your available funds, we may block your card, and you will be required to repay the amount owing immediately.