How much does Coinmotion cost?

Free Services

Creating an account is entirely free, and owning an account won't cost you anything. Storing funds in Coinmotion is free, excluding the storage of funds in the Vault.

Trading Fee

Coinmotion charges a percentage fee for each executed buy and sell order. As the volume increases, the 2% standard commission percentage decreases according to the applicable volume discount table.

Cryptocurrency Transfer Fees

We do not charge a separate fee for cryptocurrency transfers per transaction. However, each outgoing transfer from the platform incurs the typical transfer fee associated with cryptocurrency transfers, which is dynamically determined by market conditions.

There is no separate fee for receiving cryptocurrency transfers.

Euro Transfer Fees

  • Withdrawing euros to your own bank account costs €0.90 per transfer.
  • Transferring euros to another bank account costs €0.90 per transfer.
  • Paying invoices costs €0.90 per invoice.


Using the Vault service costs €3 per month per cryptocurrency. The monthly fee is charged based on the cryptocurrencies held in the Vault.

  • Example: if you have 2 ETH and 0.05 BTC in the Vault, the monthly cost is €6. The fee is charged in both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

For more detailed information about our pricing, you can visit the pricing page: