How does the referral code work?

Inviting friends through your referral link allows you to earn money on Coinmotion.

Every time someone registers through your referral link and buys or sells cryptocurrencies on Coinmotion, you will receive 50% of the charged trading fees for 12 months.

The reward is paid to your Coinmotion account in euros. Note that the charged trading fee must be at least 1% for you to receive the referral reward. Additionally, the person you invite will benefit from reduced 1% trading fees for the first month.

  • Example: The person you invited trades €1,000 with a 2% trading fee. You will receive €10 in your account. The invited friend also benefits from reduced 1% trading fees for the first month.

You can find your referral link by logging into your account and going to the "Referrals" section. You can see the number of friends you've invited and the accumulated rewards at the bottom of the "Referrals" page.