How do the volume discounts work?

Coinmotion charges a percentage-based fee for each executed buy and sell order. As the trading volume increases, the standard 2% commission percentage decreases according to the applicable volume discount table.

You can find the discount table in the user menu under "volume discounts." On the left side of the table, you'll see the discounted percentage, and on the right side, the corresponding trading volume required over the last 90 days.

  • Example 1: You have traded €10 000 in the last 90 days, resulting in a trading fee of 1.4%.
  • Example 2: If you haven't traded on Coinmotion yet and execute your first order for €600, a 2% trading fee will be charged for that order. The fee will decrease to 1.8% for the next order.

Volume discounts, limit orders, and stop orders

Please note that limit orders and stop orders are always executed with the trading fee that is valid when the order is created. Both Coinmotion and the customer mutually commit to executing the order under the terms agreed upon when the order is created. Therefore, changes in the trading fee do not affect previously placed stop orders or limit orders.