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How can I sell cryptocurrencies?

  1. Go to the Trading page or press "Sell" on the My Wallet page next to the cryptocurrency you want to sell.
  2. On the Trading page, you can choose the desired currency, order type, and order amount. You can also press the "Max Amount" button, and the sale will be made with the entire balance available to you.
  3. Before confirming the trade, you will see a summary of how many euros you will receive, how much cryptocurrency you are selling, and the fee for the trade. Price information updates automatically every 15 seconds.
  4. Click "Sell." The sale happens immediately without separate confirmation.
  5. If you made a market price sale, you will see changes in your cryptocurrency and euro balances immediately on the My Wallet page.

You can use historical currency data to support your decision-making. You can find the currency history in the browser at the bottom of the "Buy," "Sell," and "Swap" tabs on the Trading page and on mobile in the "Markets" section. On the Orders page, you can view all the orders you have placed.