What are Merchant Services?

Our merchant service enables the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method on your online store. You can invoice in cryptocurrencies or receive cryptocurrency payments in-person with the Point of Sale application.

With the merchant service, you can accept payments in cryptocurrencies and, if desired, transfer the cryptocurrencies directly to your business bank account in euros. This service is provided in collaboration with Coinpayments.

Why add cryptocurrency payments to your online store?

  1. Cost-effective for both merchants and customers
  2. Attracts new customers
  3. Fast cash flow – Almost real-time transfers across borders
  4. Secure – No chargebacks

Why choose Coinmotion and Coinpayments?

1. Easy to implement

Quick setup
Start receiving payments in less than a day
No need for a separate cryptocurrency wallet
No special technical expertise required
No prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies needed
2. Cost-effective

Low 0.5% fee for received payments
Reduced 0.5% fee when converting to euros
Competitive exchange rates
No setup fee
No fixed costs