How do I activate Merchant Services?

To enable merchant services, you need to have a verified business account on Coinmotion. After activating merchant services, contact customer service to enable the reduced 0.5% fee.

Connecting your Coinmotion account to Coinpayments

Connecting your Coinmotion account to Coinpayments can be done in two different ways:

A) Automatic forwarding and conversion – crypto payments are directed to your Coinmotion account and automatically converted to euros. This option minimizes exchange rate risk.

B) Cryptocurrencies are sent to Coinmotion without automatic selling. This option allows you to decide what to do with received cryptocurrencies and when.

A) Automatic forwarding and sale – crypto payments directly to your bank account in euros

  1. Log in to Coinpayments' website.
  2. Select Coin Settings from the homepage menu.
  3. Choose Fiat settlements.
  4. Select Europe.
  5. Choose Coinmotion.
  6. Open another tab or browser window and log in to your Coinmotion account. Go to the API section in the user menu.
  7. Provide a name for the API key and select the necessary permissions: Get balances, Sell, Get new deposit address, Withdraw EU. Enter the 2FA code from your authenticator app.
  8. Confirm the creation of the new API key following the instructions in the email you receive. **Note: Do not leave the page until you have saved the API keys.
  9. The page will display the API key and the secret key. Save both keys in a secure place. Enter both keys in the corresponding fields on the Coinpayments API page.

B) Automatic forwarding – decide when to sell cryptocurrencies

  1. Log in to Coinpayments' website.
  2. Select Coin Settings from the homepage menu.
  3. Fill in the details for cryptocurrencies.
  4. Enable the desired cryptocurrencies by checking the Enabled box.
  5. Enter the Your Payment Address field with the cryptocurrency address displayed on your Coinmotion wallet page (a long character string). For example, XRP and XLM addresses have two parts, both necessary.
  6. Choose the Payment Mode for the cryptocurrency processing method.
  7. Select the Discount for currency-specific discounts or increases.
  8. Choose the Maximum Value for the largest single transfer.
  9. Click the Update Coin Preferences button at the bottom of the page.